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All your health info, all in one place.

Introducing MyAdvocateAurora: helping you manage your health and access the care you need when and where you need it — whether you see an Advocate provider or an Aurora provider.

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What’s different for me?

If you have a MyAdvocate account or a MyChart account through Advocate Medical Group, a lot has changed about how you access your medical record — including how you sign in. To see what’s new, visit our FAQs created just for you.

If you have a myAurora account, your username and password still work for MyAdvocateAurora, but you’ll get a brand new user experience when you sign in — and some new features, too. To see what’s new, visit our FAQs created just for you.

Have general questions about using MyAdvocateAurora? View all our FAQs

Get the new mobile app.

Download the brand new MyAdvocateAurora mobile app to access your medical record wherever you are. The app lets you schedule appointments, view test results, message your provider and more from your mobile device.

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